Affordable disc brake conversions for classic Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrylser, Dodge, Desoto, LaSalle, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac vehicles by Mike Pemberton, OCA #15766


Thank you for your interest in my disc brake conversion kits. I hope I can be of help and service to you as you seek to convert your classic Buick, Cadillac, Chrysler, Dodge, Desoto, LaSalle, Oldsmobile, or Pontiac to disc brakes. As a fellow classic car hobbyist, I wanted to put disc brakes on my 1957 Oldsmobile (shown below) - but I could not find any kits on the market to do the conversion. Necessity is the mother of invention, and out of the need for a kit and the lack of anything on the market, I created my very first disc brake conversion kit for my vehicle back in 2002. Friends and other fellow car hobbyists inquired if I could build kits for them - and one kit led to another, and to another, and today this has grown into a challenging hobby dedicated to providing improved braking for classic vehicles so these wonderful cars can get driven and enjoyed.

1957 Oldsmobile


Kit Selection

Currently available kits are listed below, and are grouped based on the compatibility of the original spindles from year to year.

Unfortunately, due to tariffs, the price of stainless steel, A36 plate, and rotors has increased and I need to make some modest price increases that I have been putting off for several years. In order to continue to bring these unique products to you, it is neccessary for me to do so. The increases only reflect the actual amount of price bumps I am getting from my machine shops and suppliers. Updated pricing is below for each item.




Chrysler, Dodge, and Desoto





All other Years Makes and Models that may be contracted for one off fabrication by advanced bids and quotes. STILL DOING ONE OFF CARS BY REQUEST.

Any earlier years requested other than listed must be discussed with me to see if I can proceed. Many can be done without a problem, BUT, I am finding GM “floated” a lot of parts between early vehicles makes and years. This practice has caused you as the consumer and I/me as a supplier some problem with my kits fitting as I designed them. This measure has been taken as I am a Hobbyist like you and try to do this for fun and to help your folks out. I am NOT a production shop and have to have my parts made for your benefit. Many hours and money has gone into R&D to get to this point. It is becoming a challenge to keep it fun and not a royal pain.

Your consideration with your requests will be greatly appreciated.


Here is an example of one of my kits installed on a 1940 to 1954 Pontiac:

1940 to 1954 Pontiac Disc Brake Kit Example

NOTE: If a kit is not listed for your vehicle/year, or you have a unique "one-off" application you are interested in doing a disc brake conversion, please contact me. I am always interested in expanding my coverage and helping out fellow car hobbyists. Generally, all that is needed is a set of original/unmodified spindles to use for mock-up and design purposes. There will be a reduced cost on the final kit in exchange for your assistance in helping me create it. Please contact me for details.



$44.00 per kit, $20.00 for calipers, pads, hoses, and banjo bolts, to any USA address USPS Priority Mail. Other parts done by advanced bid. Same day or next day shipping upon receipt of funds.

International shipping ONLY to USA Shippers that ship to overseas addresses. Postage paid only to USA mailing addresses.


Out of Country shipments are subject to USPS regulations and fees.

Kit Contents


Parts List for additional parts needed, order at your choice of vendors or parts houses, list has stock and aftermarket choices.

These parts are as follows:


Payment method

Cashiers check, Money Order To: Mike Pemberton 963 Old Nevada Way Gardnerville Nevada 89460 or PayPal To: mike88pemberton@gmail.com Add $14.00 to cover PayPal fees. OVERSEAS PayPal fees and exchange rates on currency to be paid by the buyer on their end when they place an order. See the introduction on the web site for prices on the kits, don’t forget to include the shipping. If paying by PayPal, please mark your payment for "Goods and Services". It allows for faster shipping and tracking.

Technical Information

All kits:


New steel or aftermarket wheel designed to accept a conventional 15” disc brake application will be required. Calipers need to be able to clear the wheel cup. Older design (Pre 1970) 15” stock steel wheels will not fit. 14” wheels even with a 5”x5” bolt pattern will not fit your car. Please make sure you are clear on this subject BEFORE you order. Thank you.

Comes with either an 11.625” or 11.850” (1.29” thick) rotor based on application by year with standard 5”x5” GM lug pattern. Bearings and seals to match.

New rotors provide you with updated rollers bearings and modern seals.

Uses Stock GM single piston calipers or D52™ WILWOOD dual piston powder coated red or black calipers.


All components used allow you to use the stock suspension pieces with or without dropped springs. Dropped spindles are not recommended as they restrict the steering.

The kits do not include any changes to your existing master cylinder or power booster (if equipped). I cannot support this conversion if you want to use your old master cylinder. This conversion needs matching functions of all systems to work as tested, and that means you need to use a disc brake compatible dual-chamber master cylinder. A firewall mounted dual-chamber master cylinder and power booster "swing pedal" arrangement is strongly suggested for use with this conversion. I feel it is the most reliable, functional, "bleedable", adjustable, proven, and GM engineered configuration available for any car hobbyist to use. If you would like to retain the floorboard/frame-mounted master cylinder arrangement that was originally found on some vehicles, you can work with a professional "Hot Rod Shop" to get a functional system that will push the required fluid volume for the GM single piston calipers or aftermarket calipers listed for use in my kits. Remote electric boosters are being used, as are Hydroboost systems (if you have power steering) that come from a Mustang, Chevy Astro van, or Chevy/GMC pickup. The Hydroboost system is super efficient and very versatile for concealment - most use a remote reservoir. The Hydroboost uses hydraulic pressure which comes from being plumbed into your power steering pump. You will be on your own as far as correct fluid volume and pressure if you pursue a floorboard/frame-mounted master cylinder arrangement as part of this conversion.

I am a 41 year member of the Oldsmobile Club of America - OCA #15766 and have many satisfied users of my kits, both inside the OCA and by professional installers. Referrals from existing kit customers are available upon request.


Contact Information

If you have any questions not answered by this site or would like to purchase a kit, please contact me. Any comments and questions are welcome. Email is preferred, but you can always call if you need immediate help or service.

Mike Pemberton
Cell    510-501-6299   (12 noon to 12 midnight, Pacific time)


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